You can launch the most innovative solution to business; however if your stakeholders are not engaged,  or oppose your plans, you risk losing at the first hurdle! 

Let Sustain-a-Bill help you win the race.


We provide clients with the energy and the tools to engage, energise and empower stakeholders; so even the most complex, challenging situations can be overcome.



Offering a strategic and systemic approach to stakeholder management and soft skill development, we help clients get even the most reluctant participants actively supporting change.

This makes all the difference to those managing change in emotive areas, including estates management, environmental and social improvements.

Our Vision For your Business

We see so many inspiring and innovative ideas fail due to time constraints, unclear communication and lack of stakeholder engagement. 

Here at Sustain-a-Bill we believe all good ideas deserve their day, and we are here providing the energy needed to secure success.

Building on a resource of shared practices; a holistic approach to environmental and efficiency management; and strong stakeholder strategising, our expertise gives your business a competitive edge. 

We can help get the most un-do-able done.

Our Passion For You

We believe everyone can succeed, no matter what obstacles are placed in front of them.  That’s why our passion is with the people involved.  Our 1-2-1 life coaching and conflict management services inspire, re-energises and provides self supporting tools to help our clients better manage anything thrown in their path.

Our group engagement workshops give a clearer view and understanding of the situation, and provides a forum for identifying innovative solutions. 

Our tailor made packages support the most emotive circumstances and are perfect for building resilience, confidence and success.

There’s always a better way.  Let us help you find it.

Helping Business’ Build Success.  Helping Clients Manage Conflict.

Develop  and Sustain Your corporate image.  Nurture your natural soft skills.

I’m Sue, the founder and Chief Energizer here at Sustain-a-Bill.

Applying my knowledge of strategic planning  and social sciences, alongside my strong project and environmental management portfolio,  I have delivered proven results in areas previously seen as being complex, unattainable and sensitive, such as those greatly emotive to staff, e.g. refining estates, reducing stress on office parking, engaging disabled staff in office restructuring.
My ability to empathise and see all viewpoints, along with my exceptional aptitude in forecasting several steps ahead,  aids me in identifying  considerations clients are not yet aware of.
My methods are built from my innovative mind, and a wealth of experience working with varied stakeholder groups. Areas of specialty include supporting environment volunteers; those with disabilities and mental health considerations; and mentoring people who wish to develop their career, seek employment or wish to overcome anxiety and learning difficulties to become active socialites in their community.

The methods I’ve studied ensure complex problems get solved, while strategic considerations are prioritised; however I find the key to success is always found in engaging and motivating the people involved.  This combination of individual and business support is what I believe helps get my clients successful results.



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There is always a better way.  I am here to help you find it.

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