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If there’s anything you don’t understand or would like to discuss further, do contact us at security@sustainabill.co.uk 

This disclaimer is as much about you, as it is us, so we want to get it right from the start.


We like to know where we stand, and we’re pretty sure you do to. 

This Disclaimer aims to give you, our clients and visitors to the Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk website, a clear view of what to expect from our services and webpages.  As our services grow this disclaimer may too, so do pop back from time to time to check it out.  To make it easier we’ve popped the date up there, for when we last reviewed the information on this page.  We’ll also add an easy to scan section below so you can see any changes we do make. 

This legal stuff is important.  We want to make it easy for you.


Our  privacy statement is held here,  and our Cookie policy here .  We’ve also high standards, which provide a greater insight to what you can expect when joining the Sustain-a-Bill community.  Don’t forget to check them out.  They’re also easily accessible in the menu bar so do keep reading for now.

The important bit:  

By browsing our pages and taking up our services this means you agree to our terms and conditions, as discussed at the time the service is agreed, and to this disclaimer.

For the purpose of this Disclaimer ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Sustain-a-Bill, anyone under the direct employment of Sustain-a-Bill, and administrators and moderators appointed by us to manage the community.

The individual or organisation we provide services for will be referred to as ‘you’ or ‘the client’. 

Others becoming involved in sharing across Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk will be referred to as ‘third party’.


This site contains copyrighted material which has not always been specifically authorised by the copyright owner.  All users are responsible for citing their sources of information.  We take no responsibility for any third party infringements to copyright law or other legal areas of concern, as outlined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (UK) or the legal authority in the country the third party is governed by at the time of posting. 

Fair Use

Products directly developed by Sustain-a-Bill will be held under copyright law, and can be considered under the fair use policy.  Where reproducing work solely for educational, research or transformative purposes we ask for a direct link to be placed to the original material to ensure our products are not taken out of context.  Any losses from misrepresentation of our products, or use without the direct permission of Sustain-a-Bill, especially where there is an effect on the potential market, will be pursued under UK law for a claim in damages.

We’ve added a clear sharing policy to our standards. This will help you identify exaclty what you can do with the information we publish, our produts and services.

Linking through

We have no control over the reviews or content held at sites linked to via Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk and associated forums, and as such take no liability for the contents at such links.

All links are made in context at the time of publish, with clear references provided.  If you spot a broken link, or find altered content that is no longer fit for purpose please let us know.  



Information Services

The information, tools and services as defined on Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk are subject to change and therefore can be revised and updated or removed at any time, without prior notice.  As per our service guarantee, we will deliver on our agreed outcome to our clients at no extra charge.  Clients will have a 14 day cool-off period after entering an agreed contract with us, and a further 14 days will be applied, with only amounts owing for services rendered to that date, where any changes affect contracts already in place.  No refunds will be made on services already provided, however a good will gesture, e.g. future discount, may be provided at the discretion of Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk’s management team.


Views and Values

When browsing the Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk website and community pages, please be aware the views, thoughts, opinions expressed and information shared is done so at the author’s discretion and may not be the views of Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk.  We believe everyone can add value, and wish for Sustain-a-Bill to be a welcome source of viable information and support.  We hold the right to remove any third party posting, comment or content that can be detrimental to others, holds no value or does not fit in with our values.   From time to time members may disagree, please be mindful that there is no right or wrong answer, with the main discourse being a matter of opinion.  Respect should be given throughout.  We will remove any member, revoking all ability to comment and interact, where any abusive or disrespectful behaviour is displayed.


  • We make no representations as to the suitability, accuracy or comprehensiveness of any information provided on this website or in our linked forums.  We will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from the information provided.  You accept that any tools, suggestions and advice are acted on at your own discretion, and it is therefore important you use your own judgement by investigating the information provided.

Responsible Content 

As per the Online Forums Act 2018, known as the Online Forums Bill (HC  Bill 263) which is currently under review in the House of Commons, we are taking responsibility for the removal of any illegal information and will do so within 12 hours of being notified.  Per section 1.2 we will not be guilty of an offence if we were not notified of the illegal content, as we would be unaware of it being viewable to members of the community.  Users of this website, or our linked forums, can report any security concerns to our dedicated mailbox security@sustainabill.co.uk.  Any online forums launched by Sustain-a-Bill will be listed on our website, along with member numbers, per section 3. No personal membership information will be displayed or shared unless we are legally obliged to do so.





  • Any sensitive information shared electronically will contain a clear breach of confidentiality disclaimer, to ensure any breach can be reported immediately while advising the recipient that sharing, copying, disclosing and taking any other action to distribute the contents is strictly prohibited.  We are not liable for any breach in confidentiality due to third party negligence.  Please see our privacy policy for further information on how we protect your personal data.

Individual Expectations

When participating in our 1-2-1 coaching, or following information provided on the Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk website and linked forums, you acknowledge that our services are for support only;  we are not healthcare professionals, and our services cannot replace any care found by medical or clinical professionals.   We have a duty of care for our clients, and we reserve the right to refuse anyone part or all of our services, directing them to the correct professional if we feel we are not fully able to meet their needs.  We are also aware we may be placed in a position where consideration of safeguarding responsibilities is required; we therefore reserve the right to contact the responsible authority for advice or to report any instances of physical or psychological abuse, self-harm or potential harm to others where we believe there is continued risk due to abuse, neglect or mental health, as per the Care Act 2014.  No personal information will be shared unless we are legally obliged to do so. 

  • Past performance does not guarantee future results. The information provided is for use as a guide only, and at an ‘as is’ basses, with no guarantees of accuracy, completeness, usability and timelessness ; as such we are not responsible for any loss.  By visiting this website and/or entering into a contract for our services you use the information provided at your own discretion and strictly at your own risk.  Please take any necessary steps to verify the information provided by us and any third party on Sustain-a-Bill.co.uk and any associated forums.

When we can’t help


Some of our clients may be facing some difficult life stressors.  We understand how important the right support can make, being available when it’s needed.  Sustain-a-Bill may not always be the qualified support required, or be available when you need us the most.  We’d like you to know that the Samaritans offer a safe place to talk, any time day or night. They allow you to sensitively discuss your options and explore your own feelings, offering several ways to contact them if you’re not ready to talk direct.  If you do feel you need expert advice for yourself or someone you care for you can call them on 116 123 (UK/ROI). 

We Will Listen

 If you spot anything we miss, have concerns or think we can be doing things better (because there’s always a better way) DO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. 

We will even develop a reward plan for those of you who help us get things right… however in the spirit of this disclaimer we will not be held responsible for the reward being of a certain value or size, or of it being received by a certain date or in a certain way.


Updates:  19/03/2019 Link to clear sharing policy added.


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