The I’m Personal Foundation Course

Let’s get personal…

23 March  2019



Proactively manage all life deals you, by taking your soft skills to the  super level.

Don’t go through life at 50% of your fullest potential!  Sign up to the I’m Personal Foundation Course today… first 100 clients get this completely FREE!!!!!

Clear Sharing Policy

 Just to be clear..


17 March  2019


The issue is knowing when you can, and when you can’t, share our work…

We’re making it easy for you, by following Creative Commons Licensing. Visit our clear sharing guidance for more information, in our Standards menu  or by clicking here  

The House IS on Fire

Change is coming…

13 March  2019



There has to be a better way…

At just 15 years old she accomplished what many adults have not had the courage to do. Standing up to those yielding the power and telling it exactly as it is.

Greta Thunberg has started a youth movement, but is this not a conflict we wish to avoid? And if you’re looking for a light distraction check out this must see short share.

Billy Goat’s Gruff

What’s getting your goat?

28 February 2019



Meet Bill E Goat

Sue’s currently off engaging some expert help for my Billy Goat Gruff column, so while she’s away I thought I’d pop up and introduce myself.

Find out how goats are the ultimate environmental advocates here…

Sue’s Getting Personal About Conflict Management

I’m Personal

23 February 2019


There’s always a better way, and Sue’s getting personal when it comes to conflict management. She notices many stressful, negative situations can be avoided by removing the personal, and with her 7 step systemic soul analysis you don’t need to be a sociopath to succeed in business.

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Sue’s Making promises already!

Communication Oath

18 February 2019


We understand our clients are extremely busy and have enough emails to manage already.  We also believe our clients should be at the heart of our communication strategy.  This is why we promise we will not bombard you with unsolicited emails. 

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Sue’s 1st  Business Blog Post is Live

Clocking the Competition: Good or Bad?

14 February 2019


It’s not so much about how you analyse the competition; it’s about your motivation and mindset when exploring this area; and how you create strong business strategies from the information you find.  Why, after all, can your competitor not be your ally?

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