Here at Sustain-a-Bill we are very serious about privacy

We’d expect to have our own personal information treated with care, so we would expect no less of our client’s details that we hold on to. 

We also understand that no one likes reading this bumf – it is important, so we are  pulling together a quick overview that you can see to the right, while including the comprehensive information below.

This Privacy Policy aims to give you, our clients and visitors to the Sustain-a-Bill website, a clear overview of why we collect data, what we collect, how it is used and what actions you can take to control our use of  your personal data.  As our business evolves, so will this privacy policy, so do check back from time to time; also please feel comfortable emailing us if you identify something we have yet to include or if you do have any concerns.  We’ve a dedicated email for this which is treated with the greatest respect and  utmost priority. 

If you’d like further information about the data we hold and why, and importantly if you do have concerns or would like us to remove any of your personal data simply email us at

Importantly by consenting to this privacy notice you are confirming that when personal information is given you are over 13 years of age; and you a freely giving permission for us to use data for the business reasons reflected at the time the data is collected, and those identified in this policy.  These reasons can change so do pop back from time to time to review this page.  Any important changes will be cascaded to you through our communication channels.

For the purpose of this Privacy policy ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Sustain-a-Bill who are the data controller, i.e. the ones in charge of your personal data. The founder and overseer of the data and Privacy Policy is Susan Baker who can be contacted at 

The individual or organisation that we collect data from will be referred to as ‘data subject’, ‘you’ or ‘the client’; the data processor is the connected individual or process we use to manage the data and will be referred to as the ‘data processor’  All 3rd party data processors will be reviewed to ensure they have strict data protection policies in place that are also GDPR compliant.

In the nature of our business we may from time to time collect sensitive data from our clients, as reflected in, though not limited to, the special categories to the right.  We will always provide a clear legitimate reason for why we need this information and our intended use.  You retain all rights to not provide the information and to withdraw any personal information at any time without the loss of our service.  We do, however require standard personal information to effectively run our business, as outlined in the following section.



Examples of data we will collect, and why we do this

The obvious stuff is the personal data of those requiring our services.  We need this information to ensure we can provide you with a first-class service, giving you the right level of support, keeping you up to date, well informed and to ensure we turn up at the right address!

For audit purposes we will be required to keep your personal data for a number of years, e.g. for taxation, legal and regulatory requirements. Information on this can be found in our retention policy including how we dispose of physical and digital data. 

We reserve the right to showcase good practices and findings from working with our clients,  as this helps promote our services while also benefits potential clients who visit our website.  Any information used, unless previous permission is obtained in writing, will be anonymised.  While we will showcase businesses we work with, and as such provide free advertising, we will not be paid extra for this service.  Our wish is to spread the benefits of working together – we are, after all, much better together.

We appreciate any testimonials provided by our clients, and will remove any given within 48 hours of the removal request being made.  Any non disclosure agreements and intellectual property rights for our business clients, made clear at the time of taking up our services, will be honoured and our personal client discussions will be held confidentially with no data published that would identify the individual or individuals involved without their prior written consent.

Finally, there will be data we use in business analysis.  This helps us identify our perfect clients, provide more tailored services, while also assessing the quality of any of our advertising and outreach campaigns.  Some of the sensitive data collected, with permission, will be anonymously held for analysis in the hope this will identify trends that can benefit those who require our services the most.  This data will be shared with key stakeholders, whose services also support our data subjects directly. The 3rd parties will mainly be those organisations that proactively look for solutions to some of our current economic and social stressors.  They will all be vetted for their privacy standards and will appear as partners on our website prior to any sensitive data being shared.

You will be made aware at the time of any data collection exercises (e.g. surveys/events/ individual consultations) any future plans around the use of the data collected.




Our pledge 

We will always have a good reason for collecting personal and sensitive information from our clients, and we will always let those whose details we collect know what the reason is for this, providing full details before we collect or publish the information.

There are two types of data we collect.  Anonymised, for the purpose of developing better products and services for our clients, and personal data, for the purpose of business management, e.g. for corresponding and communicating to our clients, invoicing and contractual or legal obligations.

We will make it very easy for you to opt in and out of any privacy data collection i.e. no scrolling through really long emails trying to figure out how to unsubscribe (although we’d love it if you never needed to select that option!); and we will not show unnecessary or obsessive pop up behaviour – it really get’s our goat when you visit a webpage only to have pop-up-after-pop up appear! 

As for security, we have very high standards and we are going out of our way to make sure your personal data is safe, our website is secure, regularly reviewed, and up to our high standards so it’s one we love visiting too!





Before you go, here’s a little bit about security.


Our website address is:  the ‘s’ in ‘https’ stands for secure.  Our emails have this too.  The website and email services we use come with SSL as standard.  Did you know that stands for Secure Sockets Layer protocol?  We didn’t, well not until we started working on this page.  SSL really just means there’s an added layer of protection, by encrypting the links between the server and the browser, so really it could just as easily stand for  ‘Super Safe Logisticsor ‘Stopping Snoopers Looking’or Billy Goats favourite superciliously suitable location‘! You decide; after all it doesn’t really matter what SSL stands for, what matters is it means what happens in Sustain-a-Bill, between you and us, stays in Sustain-a-Bill – kapish.



As we keep saying, there’s always a better way, so we’re always looking to improve. If you spot something you are not happy with please do email us at so we can look into it.  Protection of your details is our priority.






You can visit our cookie policy by clicking the button below.



Cookie Policy



Finally we will listen – if you spot anything we miss, have concerns or think we can be doing things better (because there’s always a better way) DO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. 

We will even develop a reward plan for those of you who help us get things right… And yes, we’ll let you easily opt in/out of it, while letting you know exactly what data we collect and why, and if/how we will save it for future use.

Why we need to be clear…

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an integral part of EU compliance law.


Articles 12,13 and 14 of the GDPR outline requirements for providing privacy information to data subjects (who the identifying data is being collected from).

In brief anyone who stores your personal data (the data controller) must provide a privacy policy that:

  • is concise, transparent, intelligible and  accessible.
  • is written clearly and in plain language.
  • Can be accessed without charge.

That also means if we’re providing a free offer or service you get it FREE even if you decide we can’t retain your personal details after obtaining the offer or service.

Personal details include those that we need to run the business, these include, though are not limited to:

  • Name and contact information
  • Date of birth 
  • Address, including IP address
  • Comments you freely make to interactive sections of our website.
  • Filmed events, meetings and workshops.

Anonymous information is collected to help improve services, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Page views and click throughs
  • Surveys and other data collection exercises
  • identified best practices and innovative solutions

Data subjects will be clearly notified of data collected and intent of use at the time of collection. 

Personal data that may be collected, known under the regulation as ‘special categories’ include:

  • Ethnic Origin / race
  • Political opinions
  • Religious beliefs
  • Philosophical beliefs
  • Trade Union memberships
  • Health data
  • Other data that can be seen as being sensitive.

All information discussed during   1-2-1 life coaching sessions will be held in strictest confidence, however some of what we discover may be of value in the support of others.  We will be honoured to be given your trust in sharing any examples of the issues faced along with identified solutions we can showcase.  This will be done anonymously, or with prior written consent which clearly reflects the data being published.  

Nothing identifiable will be intentionally disclosed with a third party or shared via our website without your knowledge, and any data collected will only be processed (i.e. used) for a lawful reason.  Secure measures are in place to protect the data.  You acknowledge in reading this that the internet can not be fully secure, and accept that in taking the security steps as outlined on this page we have no liability for damages which you or another may suffer as a result of data loss due to criminal intent or 3rd party negligence.

The data controller is Sustain-a-Bill, though you acknowledge embedded content on this website, e.g. third party links, adverts and media, can also include tracking and monitoring processes outside of our control.

A secure third party will be used in payment processing, with details available at time of the transaction taking place.

While Sustain-a-Bill collects data, this is always for a good reason and we will only collect data that is required for the operation of our business.  We will give the greatest care to data we hold on to, making it clear what personal detail is held when more information is requested by the client.

By visiting our website, leaving comments or signing up to our news and offers you are accepting we will be collecting your personal data, and in so doing will be giving your consent.  Cookies will be collected to enhance the user experience of our website, i.e. ensuring limited security/sign in pop ups, and tailoring the experience of articles and advertisements to suit our visitors needs.

GDPR also specifies that you must be over 13 years old to be able to agree;  anyone under the age of 18 will need to sign up to our services via their  parent or legal guardian.

Retention of data varies, with information available on request, and you can request removal of data or raise concerns by emailing

Reason for Data Collection


Improving services

Business development


Customer Support

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