We have high standards…

Passion and professionalism  in all we do.


We’re pulling together a list of standards that will help you trust in our service to you; be it in visiting the webpages, our business strategising or individual coaching services.

You can access these in the Standards menu above.

We care, we want to get this right from the start.

Our Vision

Here at Sustain-a-Bill we have a strong vision that we are all so much better when we work together.  Our business is to improve lives, improve services and improve our communities.

We all have to start somewhere.  This is just a starting point for us.  Join us on our journey where by working together we can all make a positive difference to each other’s lives.



Things can always be done better…

We do listen, and we do learn.  Importantly we also share.  If you know something can be improved, or done much better let us know.  We’ve a handy contact form in the footer of all our pages, so it’s easy for you to get in touch as soon as you spot something.



Forward thinking

We will always treat our clients as we would expect to be treated ourselves, and we have very high standards.  Our hope is we will form lasting relationships, growing a network of proactive individuals and business’ that will be of benefit to us all. 


Confidentiality and Trust

Our aim is to apply our best practices elsewhere, helping all in the Sustain-a-Bill community to grow; however we do understand that sometimes things need to be just between you and us. We understand somethings can be shared, where as others can not.  Be it personal coaching or business strategising, your secrets are safe with us.


Innovative Solutions

Sustain-a-Bill will create a library of free and accessible resources that can help you as an individual and your business grow.  We also aim to have a members area, where you will get a richer experience of support and sharing, along with a wealth of group development workshops and training activities.  Watch this space!


We’ll be non-invasive 

Scrolling our pages and receiving our communications should not be painful.  We will not bug you with countless offers, emails or newsletters which are geared only towards milking you dry.  You will not be inundated with pop-ups and our contents will not be marred by overly invasive advertising.  We believe our clients will choose us because our products and services speak for themselves, and we hope you will help us build a strong positive reputation as a result.  It’s good to share, and that means feedback and recommendations too! 



This page will evolve with our business. Please do contact us if you need any further information.

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