Non intrusive, applicable advertising that won’t ruin your browsing experience.

Advertisements are all around us.  They’re on your cereal packet; the bus you get to work; your favourite radio station; store windows and of course the internet.  It’s very difficult to go through life without something being put in front of you that’s trying to bend your will….

We understand that not all advertising is great.  Yeah, sure, it’s really handy when it’s giving you information you want; information that’s in keeping with the place you’re visiting (be it in the real world or; one thing that really gets our goat here at Sustain-a-Bill HQ though, is visiting those web pages that are engineered to make money just from advertising… 

Those ones, you know, that have a click-per-paragraph philosophy… how tedious!  Or the ones where you’re minding your own business, engaged in what you read, then suddenly up one pops… then another.. then another….

…you know exactly what we’re talking about.

We believe there’s a better way.







Our Ethos has you in mind…

Like all businesses, here on the web, we do need to improve our revenue sources to continue offering you great free stuff; and this includes advertising.  However our advertising ethos has our clients very much at the heart of what we do.  We use third party software to select *suitable articles for our website, and ones that you’re most likely to be interested in. We have control over what you see and where the adverts are placed, meaning:

  • Our adverts are selected to be inline with our subject matter, providing products and services our readers are more likely to be interested in;
  • We use a non intrusive means of advert placement; placing adverts in areas that will not interrupt your browsing experience;
  • We give you the ability to report any advert you feel is not in line with this ethos.

So if something seems out of place or in your face simply email with details and we’ll get right on it.

*This works in line with our privacy policy, so may rely on your acceptance to our use of cookies

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