Just to be Clear…

… When you can, and when you can’t share our work.

We are all for sharing and sharing alike here at Sustain-a-Bill;  it’s the only way we can truly find a better way together.

We do need to protect some of our products and services though, as this can damage our reputation and our business.  Hope you understand. 

So… the issue is knowing when you can, and when you can’t, share our work.

Last thing we want is for our visitors to walk away, concerned about reproducing or repurposing our work in case it infringes copyright law. 

That’s why we’re making it easy for you.

We are following Creative Commons Licensing.  This provides a simple at-a-glance system that lets you know what can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed and built upon. 

If you are new to Creative Commons, scroll down the page for further info…

We’ve also given some direction below, to help you more easily identify products and services that can and can’t be freely shared.

If there’s no Creative Commons license reflected on the work, please follow the guidance below.  You can always contact us directly if you’re not sure.  We’re happy to work with you to ensure we get thigs done, especially if it’s for a good cause.

If you  wish to obtain permission for the use of our protected products and services do contact us. We’ve even made that easy for you; simply scoll to the end of this page.


Creative Commons offer a range of licenses, granting different rights for the material offered under them.  Those symbols showing in the green area (in the graphic), are the most open.  Some do have other rules attached so it’s always important for you to click on the CC infographic. This will be placed clearly on the item you’re considering using, and contains  full information on what you can and can’t do.

CC Licenses follow the definition of free cultural works, so material licensed under CC BY or BY-SA is a free cultural work. As is anything in the worldwide public domain marked with CC0 or the Public Domain Mark . CC’s other licenses– BY-NC, BY-ND, BY-NC-SA, and BY-NC-ND–only allow more limited uses, and material under these licenses is not considered a free cultural work. 

You can find out more on the Creative Commons Website’s

 Understanding Free Cultural Works

and Licensing consideratoins:

What our licenses do 


Products & services

Any paid for  products and services  may not be duplicated/shared outside of the agreement made with Sustain-a-Bill at the time of purchase. 

You may contact us at any time to agree a new package deal.  We may even offer repeat business discounts and referral promotions too, so do ask what’s available when you get in touch.


All resources published in our resource centre are free to use.  

Any reference to Sustain-a-Bill, I’m Personal and other identifying material must not be removed.

When sharing for corporate purposes, clear references must be made to the source of the material used.

Blogs and articles

Blogs and articles can be freely quoted and linked to.   

You must always link back to the original  material posted on this webpage.

Please follow the standard Harvard referencing style, unless, for educational purposes, you’ve been instructed to use an alternative referencing format.



No video or audio recordings of  any events and workshops led by Sustain-a-Bill,  including the  I’m Personal Plan, are to be published without obtaining the explicit permission of Sustain-a-Bill  in advance.

Workshops and events we are invited to as guests may have their own regulations, outside of our control, so it is important you check with the organisers there.

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