Communication Oath

Sustain-a-Bill believes any communication strategy should equality meet our client’s needs. 

We understand our clients are extremely busy and have enough emails to manage already.  We also believe our clients should be at the heart of our communication strategy.  This is why we promise we will not bombard you with unsolicited emails. 

In our experience, if you join a mailing list directing it to a different email address is a good idea.  This way you can seperate those ‘may read, if I have the time‘  from the more important ‘ I can’t miss this’  emails, and as a result  you will  more easily manage nuisance mailers while keeping on top of correspondence that’s important to you. 

We’d like you to add us to your important ‘must read‘ email account , so we can keep in touch with you effectively; however we recognise for this to work we need to build a trusting relationship with you.  As such we are making this promise to you:  *we will only send you a monthly digest.

Sustain-a-Bill is different. 

Why trawl through a block of unwanted information to get to what’s relevant. Couldn’t your time can be better spent elsewhere? We understand you’ve much better things to do with your time, which is why we’ve a straight forward communication strategy geared to helping you as much as it helps our business.

We use a refined approach to communications:

  • Our digest is geared towards helping you make more efficient use of your time.  It provides a brief overview of our latest news, advice and offers.  Anything you’d like further information on is clearly linked, so one click will take you straight to where you need to be.
  • We include unsubscribe links in all of our emails.  It just takes one click to remove you from our list – no questions asked!
  • Our web pages are styled to provide you with quick access to the tools we discuss in our articles.
  • and we do not push our services on you by emails, pop-ups or by any other unwanted technique.
  • Nor do we provide your details to others, unless there’s a legal or business requirement to do so.

Don’t miss out

We’d hate you to miss any of our 1st class information, and we understand you don’t have time to keep visiting our pages; this is why our monthly digest is a good thing to sign up for.  We’ve even made it easy for you to sign up – down there, in the footer of all our pages!

*The only other times we will email you is if there is important information we need to alert you to, e.g. changes to our privacy policy or standards, and any necessary emails regarding the business we are conducting on your behalf.

We’d love you to continue being part of the community we are building.  If anything about our marketing, communications or privacy policy concerns you, or is a reason for you unsubscribing from our list, please do contact us at or visit our contact us page for other ways of getting in touch. 

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