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Sue and I go back a long way. 

When we first met she was taking a stroll through the gorgeous Northumbrian countryside, here in the UK.  Usually when we see people out here they’re really enjoying themselves, and they look like they don’t have a care in the world; Sue however was different; she actually looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. 

burden photo

I decided I had to brighten up her day so I crept up behind that wall, and suddenly jumped up ‘BOO’, sticking my tongue out at her!  She nearly fell face first in the mud with all the laughing we did; we bonded instantly. 

It didn’t take long for her to open up, explaining why she was looking so down in the dumps.  Conflict, she explained.  That was the issue. 

conflict photo

She’d been trying for years to get some really good engagement going for environmental initiatives; however all she was finding was inconsistent views, disagreements and resistance. 

Thankfully things have improved since our first meeting.  Sue’s becoming quite an expert at getting people engaged, and not just in environmental areas.  She’s found sometimes all it takes is a clear message, a little understanding and the right level of support. 

She’s currently off engaging some expert help for my Billy Goat Gruff column, so while she’s away I thought I’d pop up and introduce myself.

Bill E Goat

Meet Bill E Goat

Mrs Billy Goat, the twins and I moved into the city around 2009.  Although we do miss the Northumbrian countryside, we feel we can make a real positive difference being in the hub of it all.  We’ve been sifting through the waste in the city dump ever since. 

There’s been so much waste since we moved here it really does get our goat, but we’re not just talking about the rubbish we find here in the dump.  Our main concern is with the waste found in the processes humans put in place to manage their day to day; and the inspirational thoughts that get lost in all that noise, simply because they just don’t get the right level of support or understanding when they need it.  That’s where Sue’s energy comes in.

Goats: the ultimate environmental advocates!

She first thought goats were the ultimate environmental advocates as we eat absolutely everything, don’t we? And therefore we are the world’s best waste reductionists.  In 2014 she got me engaged in helping her on Facebook, to share best practices with a community of kindred spirits.  She was wrong though, well about our eating habits anyway!  We’re actually very fussy eaters, though we do often pick up a lot of things to test them out.  We are also really good at explaining complex things in a simple way, which is the actual definition of a ‘reductionist’! Goats are always up for a challenge, so she was right to engage our help.  We are very adaptable, and extremely skilled at inhabiting new and sometimes inhospitable terrains; we’ve even been known to venture up trees and stand on humans heads on occasion… honest… go look it up!

Staring at Goats? Careful! They stare back!!!!

We are pretty smart too, curious and complex in our own way.  Like humans we thrive well from being around each other and working together for the benefit of us all. We’re skilled at  getting others to do what we want them to… we even got you humans to take the lids off boxes (giving us access to free food), just by gazing intently at the people being studied!

Like many humans Sue’s main fascination was not so much with our good looks, but more with our mesmerizing eyes. I let her in on our secret. Our eyes help us see all around, like a 360° viewpoint, while keeping clear focus on the way forward.  Something that’s really important for environmental management, and those other areas that are complex and emotive; i.e. areas where there’s lots of conflict.

“If we can just help everyone see the bigger picture while we focus on a strong way forward then maybe, just maybe, we can make all the difference.”

Sue said once again going into a day dream world where everything is as cheerful as Mrs Billy Goat and I.  Sue’s been dreaming of making that difference ever since.

Did you know, dreaming of goats can reflect a time for change which creative energies can bring about? That’s exactly why I’ve teamed up with Sue.  With her vision, energy and strategic innovative mind alongside my reductionist skills and ability to get people proactively working together, we make a great team. 

Help us turn your goat into the 
Greatest Of All Time Solutions (G.O.A.T.S)

And remember, if you join in then you really can make a difference in finding exactly what goats stand for, the Greatest Of All Time Solutions. I’m helping Sue engage humans in systemic, proactive ways of finding solutions to those things that really do get your goat. Do email me to let me know where we can improve, or to share your solutions so together we can come up with that better way Sue keeps going on about.

If somethings getting your goat, you can email me direct. and while we’re working on that for you why not join in below by voting on the top 5 quirkiest things you can find that goats can also do!!!


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Written by Sue Baker. 

Founder and Chief Energizer at

Meet Sue, she’s very interested in becoming one of the leading experts in conflict management.  Why?  Sue is a tree hugger environmentalist (who likes hugging trees!) and is also very passionate about social issues and mental health.  She sees the connection – conflict. “ In removing the conflict”, she says, “we can all live much happier fulfilling lives while getting so much more done!”  And she does get things done!

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